Genua invests in industry

Genua is a privately-owned investment company. For the past 40 years, Genua has helped small and medium-sized companies prepare for growth. We are not dependent on other investors, and a decision to keep or sell subsidiaries depends solely on our own assessment of what is best for the company in question and for ourselves. At Genua we have the time, capital and patience needed to propel companies from stagnation to growth.

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When the house of cards was about to collapse, the other owners sold their SPEKVA shares. But not Genua. They stayed on and took over full ownership, and they played an active part in the reconstruction of the company. Since then, they have invested actively in SPEKVA. They are very open to new ideas that can take the company further. As when we entered the market for meeting and conference tables, despite SPEKVA being a completely unknown brand on that market. But they believe in the company and remain convinced that their investment will be returned manyfold.
Lars Lyster CEO, SPEKVA
Genua has consistently invested in OTV Plast. They have invested in a new ERP system, new plant and – not least – larger production facilities, so we now have state-of-the-art facilities and ideal conditions for continued growth, which is decisive for OTV. Genua's backing was very important just after the credit crisis. Because they knew that many other companies were in financial difficulties and could not guarantee delivery on their orders, clients began to ask about security of supply. When we explained that we were Genua-owned, they needed no further assurances.
Henrik Jylov, CEO, OTV Plast
Flemming og Mette

Genua's foundation

For four decades, the Grunnet family has helped faltering companies change their course from loss to profit.

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Genua helps small and medium-sized companies set the course for growth.

Genua-owned companies