Flemming og Mette

Genua's foundation

For four decades, the Grunnet family has helped faltering companies change their course from loss to profit.

Respecting a company's heritage and culture is inherent to Genua. Genua was founded in 1977 by Fleming Grunnet, a manufacturer from Western Jutland. He was motivated by a desire to help local company owners to bring their respective companies up to scratch and achieve their full potential. In a generational handover, Mette Grunnet took over full ownership of Genua in 2011. Prior to that date, Mette had held seats on the Board of several companies in the family portfolio. Mette Grunnet has a strategic and market-oriented approach to Genua's investments. She pursues the basic principle that Genua does not focus solely on yields. Genua has a real interest in converting companies into successes in cooperation with other reasonable people.

We steer together

Genua is not a name chosen at random. A lot of thought went into it. Genua is the Danish name for the genoa, the sail at the bow of a sailing yacht. The genoa is the most difficult sail to trim correctly – and correct trimming is decisive for the vessel’s course and speed. The genoa trimmer is one of the most important deckhands on board a ship. He has to have a good feel for the sail and he must keep a sharp eye on both external conditions and internal relations. In future years, the Genua company will trim the sails of more Danish companies, increase its industrial investment portfolio and increase its efforts to create value because it makes sense and sets a clear direction.