Frederiksen Scientific – world-class teaching equipment

What began as a hobby in science teacher Søren Frederiksen's basement in Ølgod, Denmark, has since evolved into a global business with sales in 50 countries. 

For more than 60 years, Frederiksen Scientific has supplied science teaching equipment that gives schoolchildren the best conditions for learning and being inspired with a passion for science. What started as a hobby in physics teacher Søren Frederiksen's basement in Ølgod, Denmark, has since developed into a global company, which sells its products in 50 countries.

International expansion is set to accelerate in the future so, in recent years, Frederiksen Scientific has worked closely with Genua to optimise operations. The product range has been simplified. There are now only 5,500 item numbers compared to 9,000 in the past. The company's competitiveness has improved by 20%. This was achieved partly by moving production of some in-house products to Poland and China, and by targeting product development to meet market demand, rather than solely developing products that were interesting to work with.

International growth will be set rolling in earnest by a recently-developed distributor concept, a franchise model and an online shop, to promote sales in countries where Frederiksen Scientific is not currently represented. Finally, with Genua in its corner, the company has the capital needed to acquire companies, which match Frederiksen Scientific's plans for the future.

The commercialisation process at Frederiksen Scientific is already evident in the company's results, which have improved significantly in recent years. For example, profits increased by 55% from 2012 to 2015.

Frederiksen Scientific has always made a profit but maybe not as much it should. In a very professional and inspirational partnership with Genua, we have succeeded in turning Frederiksen Scientific around and we have created a strong platform for growth. We have made our DNA more commercial. We now have a better grip on international market conditions and demands. This is a huge step forward for a company, which in the past was primarily motivated by a passion for developing sublime technical solutions
Jens Vangkilde, CEO, Frederiksen Scientific A/S.