OTV Plast

OTV Plast - on the path to growth

Over the last years, OTV Plast's turnover has grown by 25%. Genua has actively helped reduce costs and optimise operations. 

When industrial clients in Scandinavia need customised plastic components, they call OTV Plast in Vejen, Denmark. OTV Plast is ISO 9001-2008-certified so clients can rely on them to produce plastic components to the high quality standards they expect. The telephone never stops ringing. Each month OTV Plast produces many different plastic elements at very different levels of complexity.

OTV Plast is renowned for fast response times, unmatched reliability and short delivery times. When they call OTV Plast, clients get a rapid response and receive their order on the agreed date. OTV's delivery times are faster than many of their competitors'. OTV Plast is the supplier of choice for an astonishing number of companies, including food production companies. OTV Plast provides the FCM documentation and tracking required for food contact materials.

OTV Plast joined the Genua family of companies in 2003. It became an independent company in the Genua Group in 2010. In recent years, OTV Plast revenue has increased by 25%. With active assistance from Genua, OTV Plast has reduced costs and optimised operations. The company has invested in new plant and larger production facilities, and has recruited more sales representatives. OTV Plast is now in good shape to meet its ambitious growth targets.

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Genua has consistently invested in OTV Plast. They have invested in a new ERP system, new plant and – not least – larger production facilities, so we now have state-of-the-art facilities and ideal conditions for continued growth, which is decisive for OTV. Genua's backing was very important just after the credit crisis. Because they knew that many other companies were in financial difficulties and could not guarantee delivery on their orders, clients began to ask about security of supply. When we explained that we were Genua-owned, they needed no further assurances.
Henrik Jylov, CEO, OTV Plast