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PROTECT – secured in seconds

PROTECT A/S is the world’s largest manufacturer of fog cannons for securing businesses and private homes.

PROTECT A/S develops and produces fog cannons for burglary protection and is the global market leader in fog protection. Fog protection efficiently prevents burglaries and reduces the risk of robberies. The fog protection niche is growing rapidly, as it is a very efficient security measure: Fog cannons are installed together with traditional burglar alarms. When the alarm is activated, the room is shrouded in an impenetrable fog, that drives the burglar off. If the thief has already entered the room when the fog spreads, the fog makes it impossible to see and find valuables to steal.

Since PROTECT was established in 2001, more than 70.000 fog security units have been produced and installed worldwide. Clients include banks, goldsmiths, opticians, HiFi-, TV-, and IT-stores, petrol stations, convenience stores and private homes. PROTECT secures more than 6.000 bank branches in Brazil alone. But also the European, Eastern European and Australian markets show growth within many different client segments.

The fog cannons are available in six models, and the product portfolio also includes a wireles alarm system that controls one or more fog cannons, and two add-ons to fog security: PROTECT Security Strobe ™ - a strobelight that amplifies the effect of the fog, and PROTECT Security Sounder™, a siren with earsplitting effect.

Today, PROTECT exports approximately 90% of its production to more than 50 countries. Bolstered with financial backing and expertise in company acquisitions from Genua, PROTECT is now ready to initiate an ambitious growth strategy across new and existing markets.

When it became clear to us that we needed a financial partner with capital and know-how to help us take the company even further and realise our growth ambitions, we negotiated with several potential partners. But it was quickly clear to us that Genua was the perfect match. They are not just looking for a fast and profitable exit, they want to create growth together with us.