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Investment strategy

Over the last 40 years, Genua has invested in more than 15 different companies. In future, we will continue to invest. At Genua, we see ourselves as a link in the supply chain between typical family-owned Danish companies and large equity funds and specialised industrial groups. In the future, we will invest in Danish industrial companies with annual revenue in excess of DKK 50 million and some exports. We will also set our sights on industrial companies which own intellectual property rights or have a strong brand. Finally, Genua will look at whether the company has obvious potential to grow and competent leadership. Positive operating results will, of course, also affect our willingness to invest.

When Genua invests in an industrial company, we aim to become the majority shareholder. Genua exercises active ownership of its subsidiaries and, working in tandem with the local leadership, helps to set the company sailing in a new direction. Unlike other equity funds, Genua does not operate with a predetermined exit date and, by tradition, Genua owns its subsidiaries for many years. Genua is not a venture investor. We seek to invest in solid industrial companies, which have proven their value in the market over a longer period of time.

Genua is a family-owned company and we have a wealth of experience in making generational handovers.